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Heinz Wührl-Bofinger    27 Februar 2010 18:22 |
Hallo Bernhard - Es war lange verborgen, doch der Zufall wollte, dass wir uns wieder treffen. Your sound is absolutly goil! Dein alter Freund Heino

Mason    11 September 2009 04:03 | Tennessee, USA
Hello Bernhard! - It was a pleasure to work with you. You have a talent, like that of a great author: your work is capable of transporting the listener to another world. You should post a warning: "Do not listen to while driving!" (haha) But really, music is a passion of mine, and I found my mind able to escape into another realm through your music. - Keep it up!

Reinhold Eisenbarth    21 August 2009 02:42 | Malaysia
Dear Bernhard, Your webpage is stunning: it really gives you the impression to be in outer space. I really like your philosphy and your entire approach to music as an art. - After all the moves from Germany to South Africa and to Malaysia, I still treasure the CD that you gave me. Keep up the great work! - May the force be with you. Regards from Kuala Lumpur

haldaneplace    05 Januar 2009 14:54 | Maastricht, Haarlem, Amsterdam The Netherlands
Hoi Bernhard, nu kennen we ons al zo veele jaren en ik find jou music altijd nog heerlijk! - Veele Groetjes naar de Palts en ik hoop dat we ons in 2009 zien ... Niko (en Dani)

artespraticas    05 November 2008 16:31 | Porto
Hello Bernhard! It was a pleasure to work with you since you are an artist too! - I love music and it is very nice to make projects for a musician. I can not thank you enough for your recognition of my tiny contribution to your project ... votes of success and cheers from Portugal! Claudia Mesquita (artespraticas)

alaCaesar    14 Oktober 2008 19:58 | Turkey
Really Bernhard is of the rare persons that i know with such nice spirit. I am glad to know him. As about his music, he is really a super artist, and I am proud to put tracks of his composition on my own website... Bernhard! I wish you all the success and to rock the realm of electronic music. "du bist wunderbar" ;)

Emma Sekuless    04 Oktober 2008 08:18 | Australia
Dear Bernhard Kretz ... I would like to compliment you on your web site design and content and wish you all the best in your artistic endeavours. Kind regards, Emma Sekuless (National Music Library Of Australia)

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