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A good deal of my musical efforts is dealing with the integration of spoken word into the realm of sound and music. - As far back as I can remember, I was always fascinated by the sound of different languages. By the magic of the secret melody all these alien words are following, and by the different intonation all these different languages have.

I try to integrate spoken word into my works in many different ways ... be it accidently overheard small-talk of a few people in the tram, be it the distorted uttering of hectic stock-brokers in a trading-floor or be it recited poetry. So I try to gather people from all over the world to work on this undertaking.

It is very easy for anyone to become part of it, to share the idea and to support this unique idea: You can use whatever recording-equipment you have at hand. Be it your laptop, your cellphone, your taperecorder. It does not have to be a top-notch studio-machinery.

If you speak whatever language (except german and english) you can easily make a record of yourself. Speaking or reading any text which you like, which touched you somehow, which you consider as important to you personally, to your culture or to mankind in general: Make a record, send this to me in any audio-format you can produce ... plus:

- tell me who is the author of this text
- if it is out of a book, tell me the title of the book & name and adress of the publisher
- send the original text (i.e. a photocopy or a pdf-file)
- send a translation into english or german language.

This is neccessary for legal reasons: I have to clarify the copyright-stuff before I can publish this. And of course, I have to understand what the text is all about; it´s context in your culture, in history, in literature. - I am looking forward to read (or better hear) from you!

You have to know, that this project is not very profitable. So your contribution is for arts sake only: if you decide to become a part of it, you will not recieve moneyes out of it. It is neither neccessary nor possible to create complicated legal contracts. Once you send a record to me, all rights belong to me. All I can offer is the following: you can be credited on my website (see "CREDITS") and you can be credited in the album-description in iTunes. Thats all I can do for you.

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