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My name is Bernhard Kretz. - Born and brought up in Giengen upon Brenz, a small town in the south of Germany. I am a storyteller. I tell musical stories by the means of electronic music, produced with electronic instruments such as synthesizers, vocoders and sequencers.

With these pages at hand you can explore a little of the background of electronic music and get interesting information about electronic music in general. - Especially about the history, electronic roots back in time and it´s developments in the earliest days.
Whilst the term electronic music describes a very wide range of different musical styles nowadays. From avantgarde and experimental music (whose roots reach back in time till the 1920s) across synthie pop of the 1970ies up to house, d&b and the most deviant variations of different dancefloor, chillout, lounge and more or less experimantal styles.
Sounds and different colours of tone interbreed continuously. Hybrid and amorph variants and mutations of all imaginable styles are happening. Electronic is everywhere. To give you an glipse on the what and why of these pages, I will lend some words from Klaus Weinhold, an ambitioned senior in german electronic avantgarde music. He verbalized very aptly about the attributes and characteristics of music in general:
... It is impossible to describe music in written language. What can be described, are comparisons of tempo, dynamic ... tone colours, similarities to already experienced hearing sensations. But is it possible to describe sound itself, the clanging object, the tones? ... The answer of course has to be: No! The only thing to be described are defining elements, superstructures, themes, evolvations, movements, miens, emotions, associations ... tears in the eyes, goosebumps. But: the central thing, sound itself is wafting away from description. Sound itself is only existing realtime and evading every trial of determination except in the very moment of real sensual detection. The describing terms determine, stay, are comprehensible. Sound itself is edging away, erratic, varying, inconstant, evanescent.

That exactly is the motivation to run this internetsite. I can´t describe my music verbally. Noone can. Whoever is interested in or attracted by my music, he has to listen. Now that became possible. Have a nice time around here.


Bernhard Kretz
June 2008

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