The timeline - a long list of electronic music inventions

The list below may give you a glipse of how long it went, before we got were we are now. The specification of the year is an estimated, rough indicator. It may tell, when just about the artist, engineer, composer or inventor startet to appear somehow on the scene.

Year (ca) Name, Profession, Achievments

1874 Gray, Elisha. Inventor. Musical Telegraph
1898 Cahil, Thaddeus Ingenieur Teleharmonium, Dynamophon
1905 Varése, Edgar Komponist
1919 Theremin, Léon Ingenieur
1928 Schillinger, Joseph Musiker
1929 Trautwein, Friedrich Ingenieur Mixtur-Trautonium
1930 Le Caine, Hugh Musiker
1936 Sala, Oskar Ingenieur Mixtur-Trautonium
1936 Schaeffer, Pierre Musiker
1936 Scott, Raymond Musiker Rec.: Nothing Sacred
1940 Dhomont, Francis Musiker
1950 Barron, Louis & Bebe Musiker
1950 Briscoe, Desmond Musiker
1950 Luening, Otto Ingenieur
1950 Mauzey, Peter Musiker
1950 Sun Ra Musiker
1950 Stockhausen, Karlheinz Komponist
1955 Moog, Robert Ingenieur Moog Modulsynthesizer
1956 Tomita, Isao Musiker
1957 Ussachevsky, Vladimir Band
1960 Appleton, Jon Musiker
1960 Baker, John Musiker
1960 Byrd, Joseph Musiker
1960 Cain, David Komponist
1960 Carlos, Wendy Musiker Rec.: Switched on Bach
1960 Saint-Marcoux, Micheline C. Musiker
1960 Derbyshire, Delia Musiker
1960 Ferrari, Luc Musiker
1960 Haack, Bruce Musiker
1960 Jones, Glynis Musiker
1960 Mathews, Max Musiker
1960 Meek, Joe Ingenieur
1960 Oliveros, Pauline Musiker
1960 Oram, Daphne Musiker
1961 Tenney, James Band
1961 Vangelis Musiker Rec.: Spiral, Albedo 0.49
1962 Buchla, Don Ingenieur Buchla Synthesizer
1962 Xenakis, Iannis Musiker
1964 Jarre, Jean Michel Musiker Rec.: Oxygene
1964 Riley, Terry Musiker
1964 Risset, Jean-Claude Musiker
1965 Kingsley Musiker
1965 Richard Wright Musiker
1966 Samson, Peter Musiker
1967 Chowning, John Ingenieur FM-Synthese
1967 Silver Apples Band
1967 Sobotnik, Morton Komponist
1967 Tangerine Dream Band
1967 Igor Wakhévitch Musiker
1968 Kluster Band
1969 Pearlman, Robert Allen Ingenieur ARP-Synthesizer
1969 Buttigieg, Ray Musician & Poet
1969 Schulze, Klaus Musiker
1969 White Noise Band
1970 Bayle, Francois Musiker
1970 Emerson, Keith Musiker
1970 Eno, Brian Musiker Ambient
1970 Eruption Band
1970 Fast, Larry Musiker
1970 Greenslade Musiker
1970 Henry, Pierre Musiker
1970 Hütter, Ralf Musiker Kraftwerk
1970 Joachim, Otto Musiker
1970 Kraftwerk Band
1970 Marouani, Didier Musiker
1970 Oberheim, Thomas Elroy Ingenieur OB4 Polyphoner Synthesizer
1970 Smith, Dave Ingenieur Prophet 5 Synthesizer
1970 Schnitzler, Conrad Musiker
1970 Wakeman, Rick Musiker
1972 Stratos, Demetrio Musiker
1972 Goettsching, Manuel (Ashra), Musician.
1974 Matten, Dirk Trader Synthesizerstudio Bonn
1975 Palm, Wolfgang Ingenieur PPG Wavetablesynthesizer
1976 Space Band
1976 Yellow Magic Orchestra Band
1978 Roedelius, Hans-Joachim Musiker
1978 Kretz, Bernhard Enthusiast ... <-- Me, joining the family !
1980 Depeche Mode Band
1980 Doepfer, Dieter Ingenieur System A100 Modular Synth
1980 Zodiac Band

from this point of time onwards there developed such an incredible variety of electronic music, it might take a lifetime to list all the artists, albums and developers. So I decited to stop listing here, because I can not dedicite my lifetime to do that job. May be someone will.

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